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Member Agreement and Liability Waiver

Last updated February 14th, 2024
Dogdrop refers to any and all Dogdrop corporate or franchise owned and locations. This agreement for Dogdrop refers to the franchise location doing business at 500 N Andrews Ave Suite 104, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301.
I understand and agree that by bringing my dog(s) for a Good Fit Test and/or daycare, Dogdrop has relied upon my representation that my dog(s) is/are in good health and have not harmed or shown aggressive or threatening behavior towards any person or any other dog.
I understand that, although Dogdrop carefully evaluates all dogs during the Good Fit Test, their evaluation of my dog(s) is always ongoing. I understand that Dogdrop may, in the future, discover that Dogdrop is not an appropriate environment for my dog(s), and that Dogdrop reserves the right to permanently remove a dog from daycare at any time.
I agree to treat all dogs, customers and staff of Dogdrop with respect and decency. I will not yell, spit, fight, or conduct myself in any manner that is inappropriate while communicating with Dogdrop in any capacity.
I understand that if I enlist a representative to drop off or pick up my pet at Dogdrop, or otherwise communicate with Dogdrop on behalf of me, they will be held to all of the same requirements mentioned in this agreement.
I understand that Dogdrop daycare is an open play, group dog space monitored carefully by attendants. Due to the nature of how dogs interact, I also understand that there are inherent risks involved in my dog playing at Dogdrop, which, even when closely monitored, may occur in the following:
Injuries, most commonly benign, like broken nails, sore pads, puncture wounds, abrasions and cuts, particularly in shorter coated breeds, etc.
Transfer of communicable parasites or an illness such as, but not limited to, the canine papilloma virus or an upper respiratory illness such as Kennel Cough, which can be caused by a contagious bacteria/virus.
Behavioral problems that may become apparent while my dog is at Dogdrop, but that may not be apparent in any other setting. This could be because my dog is away from me, is possessive over Dogdrop, its staff or another dog, or for other reasons due to dog socialization and hierarchy.
Digestive issues. Because of the stimulating and exciting nature of daycare, some dogs do experience digestive issues such as diarrhea, soft stool, and even vomiting. To reinforce good behavior, Dogdrop also uses high quality treats, which can sometimes upset a dog’s stomach. I understand that Dogdrop will keep me aware of any unusual occurrences as it pertains to my dog’s digestion, etc.
I certify that any and all veterinary related information I may pass on to Dogdrop is legal, true and accurate, to the best of my knowledge.
Dogs of all ages and needs are welcome at Dogdrop. Because the welfare of each pet in our care is our top priority, we take every effort to make their experience as safe, comfortable and consistent as possible.
However, just like humans, older, very young, and special-needs dogs can be more sensitive to changes in routine and more susceptible to common illnesses and injuries.
I understand that special-needs dogs, young puppies (under 1 year of age), and senior dogs (over 8 years of age) naturally have a higher risk of injury, stress-related illnesses, weakened immune system, or exacerbation of pre-existing condition(s).
If health or behavioral problems develop with my dog, these will be treated as deemed best by the staff of Dogdrop within their sole discretion, and that I assume full financial responsibility for any and all expenses involved.
I understand that, in the event we notice your pet is demonstrating any signs of injury, stress-related illnesses, a weakened immune system, exacerbation of pre-existing condition(s), or other health issues, we will attempt to contact you and/or the emergency contact we have listed on your account. If no contact is made, we request your permission to obtain immediate veterinary treatment, should it become necessary.
If my dog become(s) ill or injured, or is suspected to be ill or injured, or if for any other reason veterinary care is indicated, I authorize Dogdrop, Inc. to seek and provide veterinary care from my designated veterinarian or a veterinarian of their choice.
If my dog’s condition is emergent, I understand Dogdrop will seek care at the closest veterinarian office location at my expense.
During my absence, Dogdrop will be caring for my dog. In the event of an emergency, I authorize the release of all medical records pertaining to the medical needs of my dog(s) to DogDrop, Inc., its affiliates and all subsidiaries. I give representatives of Dogdrop Inc. authorization to communicate with said veterinarian regarding, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of my dog.
In the rare and unfortunate event that my dog becomes deceased while in Dogdrop’s care, my dog will be taken to my designated veterinarian and maintained for pick-up or further instruction. If a necropsy is performed, I give permission for the veterinarian to release any and all findings to DogDrop,Inc., its affiliates, franchise entities, and all subsidiaries.
DogDrop, Inc., its affiliates and subsidiaries and their team will not be liable for any health or behavioral problems that develop in my dog, and I hereby release them of any liability of any kind whatsoever arising from my dog’s attendance and participation at Dogdrop. I am solely responsible for any harm, including to any other dog(s), to the employees or invitees of Dogdrop or to the equipment, physical space, or other property of Dogdrop caused by my dog while my dog(s) is/are attending Dogdrop.
During the duration of your dog's active account with Dogdrop, we hereby retain the prerogative to intermittently communicate with your designated veterinarian for the purpose of confirming the vaccination and spay/neuter status of your dog. It is important to acknowledge that no other healthcare information shall be sought during such communications. I give permission for DogDrop, Inc, Dogdrop Franchise, affiliates, franchise entities, and all subsidiaries to contact my veterinarian for dog health records.
I agree to maintain regular flea, tick, and heartworm preventative maintenance programs for as long as my dog has/have active attendance/ participation at Dogdrop daycare and events. I certify that my dog(s) do not have fleas, ticks, or other infections/ transmissible parasites.
I certify that my dog(s) is/are up-to-date per veterinary standards with all of the Dogdrop required vaccinations: 1) Rabies, 2) Bordetella, 3)Parvo/Distemper 4)Canine Influenza 5) Lepto Vaccine. I certify that I will check annually with my vet to ensure that each year my dog(s) vaccinations remain up-to-date.
I understand that in order for my dog(s) to attend Dogdrop daycare, they must be spayed or neutered after the age of 8 months (unless otherwise discussed and approved by Dogdrop management).
I certify that if my dog(s) is/are over the age of 8 months, they have been spayed or neutered. If they are over that age and not spayed/neutered, I certify that I have gained approval from Dogdrop management to bring my intact dog(s) to daycare, with the understanding that such a right may be revoked by Dogdrop at any time.
I authorize my dog to be placed in a crate during boarding and/or daycare. Crates may be used to separate dogs for relaxation, feeding time, or other instances if a Dogdrop attendant finds it necessary for the safety of your dog and other dogs.
Photographs or other graphic, sound, or other image, likeness, recording, etc., may be made of my dog(s) by Dogdrop and that such may be used for any purpose without compensation, and I release to DogDrop, Inc. and its affiliates, franchise entities, and subsidiaries all rights that I may possess or claim to such image, likeness, recording, social media sharing. I understand that DogDrop, Inc. also will be recording video at the Dogdrop location 24/7 to monitor the safety of the premises.
I agree to allow Dogdrop to call, text, email, direct message or otherwise contact me as it pertains to the health, safety, and well-being of my dog. I will make myself available to Dogdrop via these communication channels while my dog is in the care of Dogdrop, and if I am unable to do so, my listed emergency contact will be available.
Payment is required when services are rendered. If any amounts remain due after 30 days, DogDrop, Inc. reserves the right to impose interest at the rate of 2% per month until paid. If DogDrop, Inc. or affiliates, franchise entities, pursues collection proceedings, you will pay reasonable attorney’s fees and costs of collection. DogDrop, Inc. reserves the right to refuse service to anyone with a past-due balance.
Once you select a membership, it will thereafter automatically renew and continue on a month-to-month basis until canceled by you or terminated by us in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
Please refer to our website, Instagram, Google, and storefront for hours of operations. We reserve the right to impose a late fee for dogs picked up after regular business hours. If your dog is not picked-up within 30 minutes of closing, Dogdrop is authorized to charge you a $350 fine.
I understand that any dog that is left with us, DogDrop, Inc., its affiliates, or franchise entities, for longer than two (2) days, your dog will be considered abandoned. You agree that if your dog is deemed abandoned under local, state or federal laws or regulations, you understand that DogDrop, Inc. will, by default, become the legal owner and guardian of the dog. Dogdrop will then, in its sole discretion, determine whether to find another home for the dog or to relinquish the dog to local authorities or a local shelter of its choice. You understand and agree that if you abandon your dog at Dogdrop you may be unable to retrieve possession of your dog and will have no recourse against DogDrop, Inc. You further release Dogdrop and employees, and Dogdrop Inc., affiliates, franchisee entities, subsidiaries from all further liability and responsibility for your dog. You additionally understand and agree that if you abandon your dog, you will still be responsible for the full cost of the stay and any expenses incurred to rehome the dog, including but not limited to any applicable attorney’s fees or court costs.
DogDrop, Inc. reserves the right to refuse service to any human or dog in order to maintain a safe environment for all.
By signing this Member Agreement and Liability Waiver, I, the below mentioned and legal owner of the below mentioned dog(s):
-certify that I have read and understood its contents, agree to abide by the rules and regulations and accept all the terms, conditions and statements of this agreement and confirm the truthfulness of the contents of the Good Fit Test form and any other statements or documents I may submit.
-hereby release and agree to save and hold harmless, Dogdrop, its directors, officers, shareholders, employees, assistants, members and agents from any and all liability, claims, suits, actions, loss, injury or damage of any nature or kind, or for any liability, claims, suits, actions, loss, injury or damage which I or my dog(s) may sustain or which may be caused in any way by my dog(s).
-specifically, without limitation, agree to fully indemnify Dogdrop for any and all such liability, claims, suits, actions, losses, injury or damage.