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Our Pricing


  • https://cms.dogdrop.co/uploads/Vector_9498439c1d.svg 1 full day visit each month
  • https://cms.dogdrop.co/uploads/Vector_9498439c1d.svg After that, you pay $10/hour or $50/full day
  • https://cms.dogdrop.co/uploads/Vector_9498439c1d.svg Unlimited real-time text & photo updates
  • https://cms.dogdrop.co/uploads/Vector_9498439c1d.svg 2 feeds per visit (food not included)
  • https://cms.dogdrop.co/uploads/Vector_9498439c1d.svg 20% off all products

Why we’re membership based

In order for us to provide the best experience possible, our team invests a ton of time and energy getting to know you and your pup’s needs and preferences.

We believe a member-based community better supports our team in consistently delivering on this promise for you and your dog.


Loyalty rewards

We’re into rewarding our members, so the more you visit, the more perks we’ll send your way.


Not into memberships?

We want everyone to have access to quality dog care, so sign up for a Good Fit Test and let us know you have questions. One of our onboarding specialists will reach out to talk through options.

Q & A on pricing & memberships